Here are several works I have done. And I will keep updating content.

Here is my website work. Click To View My biography website.

The goal of this assignment is to challenge you to create a well designed single webpage which gives a simple introduction of yourself.

I used my photos in Universal Studio as the background and add some photos to show my interests and one meaningful campaign. Also, I did some changes in the font style and wrote other CSS styles. I added my resume to show what I did as well.


This project is designed to explore how consumers relate to a brand that they feel strongly about and connect an individual’s brand mind map to the formulation of advertising strategy. In total, this should be a useful experience in relating informal, qualitative research findings to advertising decision-making.

Design Wireframe

This project is creating a full comprehensive redesign for one of the following multimedia news packages produced by UNC’s Powering A Nation te am: Whole Hog.

I created wireframes and colored comps with a color scheme and texted treatment that is consistent with the content of the site you choose to redesign. I used images and other content from the existing site, but  designed a different layout along with different typography and new color scheme.

I reorganized navigation and add some novel ideas. You can click and see my work in details.


This project is a compounded one with a lot of objectives. I experienced the design process as discovery and problem-solving. Practicing empathy as a way to develop human-centered products, services, and organizations and working with agile design methods to ideate, prototype, test, iterate. Also, I practiced agile thinking and doing; to practice working lean. To develop a solid new product idea built on UX strategy and business strategy, I did researches and real interviews.

Crash Campaign is a fast-paced student competition that takes place over 24 hours in the School of Media and Journalism at the University of North Carolina.
Students are able to participate in a unique professional opportunity that allows them to gain experience and showcase their talent. Students compete in teams to solve local business and nonprofit marketing problems using learned skills.The teams conduct research and develop the strategy within a span of 24 hours.
Once time is up, teams will pitch their marketing strategy to a panel of experienced judges and clients.

This is an integrated marketing communication project. In this project, I redesigned the website and made advertisement for the brand, Unicorn Cosmetics. I also made some alternative logo choices for the brand. As far as I thought, the company itself is facing some problems in its value proposition and customer segment. Click to see more about the design process and strategy behind the project.


Next Steps...