Final Project


Interview of American Chinese Food

Here is the video I filmed. The main topic is the recent trend of American Chinese cuisine and the difference between real Chinese food and American Chinese food.

I interviewed the main chief of Shanghai Dumpling, a restaurant located in the Franklin Street and an international student comes from China. I also recorded the making process of "XiaoLongBao", known as dumpling here.



Infographic of American Chinese food


Here is the infographic I made to show the brief history of American Chinese food and other related information.

I also display the most famous dishes in American Chinese Cuisine. Such as Orange Chicken and Beijing Duck.

For the recent trend, I use three impressive number to indicate the popularity of American Chinese food.

The last, I inserted the geography of Chinese food in the US, showing the regional difference and generally popular.

Due to the topic, I put a lot of assets that full of traditional Chinese feeling. The auspicious clouds in the bottom and the light fan pattern in the background. The colors I chose are basically red or dark red.




Magazine Style Article

This article I wrote is about the American Chinese cuisine and its new trend. The article explains the idea that American Chinese food has its own style, and recently, it approaches two different ways. In the article, I documented the experience I ate in a Chinese restaurant in Cary.