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My name is Zhuoqun Zhao (赵卓群), and my English name is Zora. I come from Zhejiang Province, the eastern part of China. Currently, I am a Junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and major in Economics and Media & Journalism. The combination learning of Economics and Media & Journalism provides me with a more comprehensive perspective of learning about the world.

I enjoy beautiful views at different places of interests and love delicious food. There are some experiences regarding my interests on the webpage for you to take a further look as well.

Making something come true is a cool mission, and I enjoy the process of creating and planning. I am also passionate about UX/UI design




Here are several works that I have done. I received a lot of life experiences from multiple activities and projects. Click learn more to find more details.


I have a wide range of interests. However, traveling and eating must be my favorites. Here, I would like to share my life using a journal style. Come to explore it.


This is a much more formal way to know my work experience, education level and other skills that may helpful for my future work.

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