Travel is one of the favorite hobbies in my life, I enjoy the process of making travel plan, meeting new things and coming back home.

I have been to a lot of countries. For instance, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, japan, Korean, US and more...

Delicious Food

I also enjoy delicious food as well. I am passionate about finding delicious food during the trip.


Here are several photos about the places of interest and food that I took during the trip.



I went to Japan in 2016 Summer with my friends. I visited Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, experienced the old Japanese style architecture buildings and modern tall buildings. The food here is really impressive.


I went there for my summer school. Due to the convenient location of my exchange school, Yonsei University, My friend and I had a lot of chances to explore modern life in Seoul.


Orland is an amazing place with a great amount of theme entertainments. I went there during the 2017 Spring Break. Visiting Harry Potter theme park in the Universal and riding roller coasters in the Disney Land both are unforgettable experiences.