Zhuoqun Zhao

Born in China, studying in America, passionating about advertising

Hi!Here is me. Click to see my resume

  • My name is Zhuoqun Zhao, and my English name is Zora. I come from the eastern part of China. Currently, I am a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • My majors are Media & Journalism and Economics. The combination learning of two majors provides me with a more comprehensive perspective of learning about the world.

  • I really enjoy traveling. I have been to Europe, Singapore, Japan, Korea and for sure, America.

  • crash campaign

    My activities

    This is crash campaign

    • Competed in four-person team to solve non-profit agency Orange County Literacy’s marketing problems

    • Conducted research into potential corporate partners and developed complete strategy within 24 hours

    • Redesigned wireframe of its website, suggested events and new media strategies and pitched to judges and clients

    crash campaign

    My interests

    I have a wide range of interests. However, traveling and eating must be my favorites.

    I usually travel more than three times a year. I have been to a lot of countries.

    Here is a photo I took in the Korean restaurant when I studied abroad

    I wonder I would have a chance to work with travle plan or personal travel schedule arrangement

    crash campaign

    My skills

    • Native languages: Chinese mandarin

    • Fluent in oral and written English

    • Conversant in oral and written Japanese

    • Proficiency in Chinese Calligraphy, starting from first grade

    • Piano amateur level 10 in China

    • command adobe series and microsoft office